Martin Scorsese has set the bar fairly high when it comes to fascinating talks by directors about movie history and the filmmaking process, but James Gray comes close to reaching it. Always thoughtful and ruminative, the director’s insights into his own approach, the industry, and moviemaking as a whole are always intriguing, which makes this new, forty-minute talk with Gray must-see material.

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With his new film, “The Lost City Of Z,” now open in France, the filmmaker participated in a lengthy Q&A about his picture and career. While the questions aren’t translated into English, you’ll quickly pick up on the topic of conversation as Gray dives into the years long process of getting ‘Lost City Of Z’ in front of cameras, how hard it is get these kinds of pictures made in today’s climate, and why he doesn’t watch dailies.

“The Lost City Of Z” opens on April 21st.