Whenever you think of cinematic world-building, a few movies come to mind. Those might include franchises like “The Lord Of The Rings,” “Star Wars,” or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They might also be standalone genre features like “Children Of Men” or “Blade Runner,” which gets its own sequel next year. But one only needs to look at a single frame from Wes Anderson’s filmography to know how much extensive love, attention and detail the auteur filmmaker puts into every moment, something that’s massively apparent in “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” his first animated feature and his only film based on pre-existing source material. That meticulous level of attention and detail is broken down and examined further in “How Wes Anderson Builds a World,” from YouTube’s Jack Movie Reviews (via Film School Rejects).

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Viewing world-building as “the ability to develop an imaginary setting with atmosphere that helps bring viewers into the story,” the video essay discusses how tone, characters, cinematography and use of symmetry and real objects informs the final product, and helps create Anderson’s fun, visually dazzling world. It’s immersive, engaging, heartfelt, spectacularly well-made filmmaking, and a reminder of what Anderson does best.