'Crime 101': Mark Ruffalo To Star Opposite Chris Hemsworth In Bart Layton's New Thriller

Thor and Hulk are teaming up for a new crime thriller! Are you excited? Ok, well maybe not the characters, but Mark Ruffalo is now going to team up with Chris Hemsworth for a new crime film titled “Crime 101,” and you definitely should be excited.

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According to Deadline, Mark Ruffalo is joining Chris Hemsworth in Bart Layton’s new film, “Crime 101,” which is based on a novella written by acclaimed author Don Winslow. The plot is reminiscent of some other crime films, but it basically revolves around a detective who begins to suspect that a string of heists are actually done by one thief and not a cartel, which is what most people are suspecting. “Crime 101” is co-written by Layton and Peter Straughan

I was joking about the fact that Ruffalo and Hemsworth were reprising their Marvel roles for the film. But the truth is, these guys are probably best known for their years of superhero work in the biggest franchise ever seen. However, they are both accomplished actors who have the charisma to make this crime thriller incredibly entertaining. Hemsworth has been linked to this project for quite some time, with Pedro Pascal originally set to star opposite him.

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Layton is a great up-and-coming filmmaker. He’s probably best known for his recent films, “The Imposter” and “American Animals.” He got his start in documentary work, with “American Animals” being his narrative feature debut.

Production on “Crime 101” is expected to begin soon, with the expectation that the film will be released in 2025.