Ellen Barkin Speaks Up, Once Again, About An Alleged Incident With Terry Gilliam After Director's Recent #MeToo Comments

Over the last year or so, filmmaker Terry Gilliam has been in headlines linked to the #MeToo movement. The reason he’s been in so many articles about the social media movement is the fact that Gilliam has been vocal about his problems with #MeToo and its “mob rule” reputation. Well, it appears that Gilliam has found himself on the accused side of the discussion, courtesy of an accusation made by an actress who worked with him in the past.

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According to a recent social media post by actress Ellen Barkin, it would appear that maybe Terry Gilliam’s claims that he’s “being blamed for everything” because he’s white and has never done anything inappropriate with one of his actress’ is allegedly not as truthful as he’d like you to believe.

She wrote, “What the fuck is up with Terry Gilliam? And who is backing his anti-survivor press tour? Perfectly timed to the weinstein trial. Now why would a man have such antagonism for victims of sexual assault? Methinks that man doth protest way too fucking much, cuz meknows.”

That tweet was one of several hinting at an incident involving Gilliam. She also alluded to a comment made in his recent interview where he said there’s “no room for modern masculinity.”

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Replying to that line, Barkin tweeted, “He found enough room in an elevator.”

Once again referring to an alleged incident on an elevator, Barkin retweeted a comment made by the interviewer who said, “I can’t say it was a pleasure to interview Terry Gilliam.”

Barkin’s tweet read, “Just make sure you don’t share an elevator?”

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The elevator comments date back to a 2018 tweet where Barkin said, “My hard won advice: never get into an elevator alone with terry gilliam.”

For those wondering when Barkin worked with Gilliam, the two collaborated on the film, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”