'Frankenstein': Oscar Isaac, Andrew Garfield & Mia Goth Are Expected To Star In Guillermo Del Toro's New Horror Film

It’s not really news that Guillermo del Toro is developing a new film based on Mary Shelley’s classic “Frankenstein” story. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix, many assume this will be the Oscar winner’s next live-action film. Well, it appears that “Frankenstein” is becoming more of a reality, as the filmmaker has found his three leads for the horror film. 

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According to Deadline, Guillermo del Toro has already met with Oscar Isaac, Andrew Garfield, and Mia Goth to star in his upcoming “Frankenstein” film. Again, nothing has been confirmed and no one is really sure what type of take del Toro has on the story, but the report claims that the three actors have all met with the filmmaker and each of them is on board when the film gets the go-ahead from Netflix. 

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Del Toro is coming off a big weekend where he took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature for his most recent Netflix project, “Pinocchio.” Now, it appears he’s hoping for yet another incredible cast for his next live-action project. His most recent live-action film was the 2021 film, “Nightmare Alley.” 

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Isaac was also in the headlines recently, having just signed on to star in the upcoming TV series, “Helltown.” However, prior to that, he had a role in the Marvel Studios series, “Moon Knight,” as well as the HBO limited series, “Scenes from a Marriage.” Garfield is coming off an acclaimed performance in “Under the Banner of Heaven,” and also had a new project announced, as he is set to star opposite Florence Pugh in a future film. Goth is no slouch either, as her 2022 and 2023 have both been great with beloved roles in films such as “X,” “Pearl,” and “Infinity Pool.”

Needless to say, these are three big names for del Toro to land for his “Frankenstein” film. We just have to wait and see what we learn when all of this is finally confirmed.