'GLOW': Marc Maron Thinks "The Best Thing" Is To Finish The Now-Canceled Show With A Two-Hour Movie

Yesterday, it was announced that “GLOWwould not actually return for a fourth and final season on Netflix. Previously, the hit, award-winning series was greenlit for one more season to wrap up its story of the women wrestlers in the 1980s. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting production and new protocols in place to begin work on filming, it appears that Netflix isn’t interested in continuing the “GLOW” story one more year. And for actor Marc Maron, that’s pretty damn frustrating.

As seen in a recent Instagram Live chat, Maron talked about the reasons Netflix canceled the previously renewed series and what he thinks is the only logical, best way to end the show given the circumstances.

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“I was told they didn’t wanna eat the costs of maintaining the sets…for another five months to begin production,” Maron explained. “So, that’s what we heard. And honestly, who knows? With the protocols they have in place, there’s a lot of things going on, a lot of things being shot. But we have a big crew and a big cast with a lot of people that are engaging. Who knows where we’re going to be in May? Who knows if we’ll even be a country come January that’s functioning? It’s barely functioning now.”

He added, “I think what they should do, and I’m pitching this…feel free to tweet at Netflix that you’re upset about ‘GLOW.’ I think what they should do is…let us make a movie. Right? I mean, let us wrap it up in a two-hour Netflix movie. They had the whole season laid out. We know where it’s going to go. Why don’t you give the showrunners and the writers and the cast the opportunity to finish the story in a movie? I think that would be the best thing.”

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Obviously, these are unprecedented times and what we’ve seen with this “GLOW” announcement is the very rare situation where a show is told that it will have a full season to wrap up its story, but then months before it was set to begin production, the plug is pulled completely. It makes sense that cast members like Maron would be frustrated by this, not only because that means he’s out of a job but that also means fans won’t get the conclusion to a series that they’ve been faithfully following for a few years now. And Netflix’s award-winning show that has been one of the highlights of its original programming won’t have a proper conclusion.

The idea of a Netflix movie to end the series would seem absurd in typical circumstances, but the “GLOW” situation is anything but typical. So, maybe Netflix will revisit the show in a smaller format and allow for the folks involved to end their story. As Maron said, if you’re a fan and upset over the announcement, you can always let your voice be heard.