As many of you already know, filmmaker Lynn Shelton tragically passed away over the weekend due to a blood disorder. Over the weekend, on social media, there were tons of colleagues that were paying their respects to her. However, we had yet to hear from Marc Maron, the actor and comedian that not only starred in Shelton’s most recent film, “Sword of Trust,” but was actually her real-life partner. Well, Maron just broke his silence and released a new episode of his WTF Podcast, where he discussed the death of Shelton.

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Though it’s a new episode of WTF, the bulk of the podcast is a re-release of a 2015 interview that Maron did with Shelton. However, the entire introduction is new, as the host talks about his love for Shelton and obviously, his grief over her passing. As you might expect, it’s an incredibly difficult listen, as Maron is still distraught over the death, given this was obviously recorded just a couple of days after her passing. So, if you’re interested in a happy remembrance, this is definitely not it.

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That being said, Maron has never been a guy that hides his true feelings and avoids the difficult topics. That’s what WTF is all about, and anything less would have felt strange. So, while it may feel too soon and a bit too raw to hear Maron open up so much about his love of Shelton and her unexpected passing, this is a topic that people would expect him to tackle immediately and on the medium where he continuously has difficult, sometimes emotional conversations. And, on a much deeper level, this is the type of emotion that is so real and so human that it’s obvious a cathartic experience for Maron and a way that can probably help him move forward.

You can hear the entire episode below: