Some actors are seemingly born to play creepy roles. There’s just something about their onscreen presence that just unnerves you. And this isn’t meant to be a backhanded compliment, as this is the type of magnetism that a lot of performers would kill to have. Allison Williams is one of those actors, as she proved incredibly well in Jordan Peele’sGet Out.” Now, she’s taking her creepy skills to another upcoming project, “M3GAN.”

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According to Deadline, Williams is set to star in “M3GAN,” a sci-fi thriller produced by Blumhouse and James Wan. The story, conceived by Wan and written by Akela Cooper, follows Gemma (Williams), a brilliant roboticist at a toy company, who develops a brand-new AI-powered doll, M3GAN, that is supposed to be a great companion for children and a godsend for parents. But with Wan and Blumhouse involved, you have to realize that this isn’t going to end well. “M3GAN” will be directed by Gerard Johnstone.

As mentioned, Williams really stole the show in “Get Out,” playing what is probably one of the most cold-hearted, sociopathic killers that we’ve seen in a horror film in quite some time. She followed that up with another creepy role in the Netflix thriller, “The Perfection.” Outside of her thriller films, she’s probably best known for her role in the HBO dramedy, “Girls.” Williams will next be seen in the upcoming film, “Horizon Line.”

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Of course, it’s still a bit too early to know when Blumhouse is expected to release “M3GAN.” The production company has been instrumental in the growth of micro-budget horror films at the cinemas, but the studio is also making waves on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. So, while it’s unclear when we might see the film, given how everything is going with theaters, this could very well be yet another Blumhouse film that finds its way on a streaming service. We’ll just have to wait and see.