Matt Damon Passed On The Villain Role In The Upcoming 'Spider-Man: Homecoming 2'

Matt Damon is an actor that is always brought up as a potential leading man in a superhero film. But for one reason or another, the actor just hasn’t found his fit in the world of tights and superpowers. Well, according to a recent report, he came very close to starring in an upcoming superhero film, but not in the way you might think.

In a recent episode of “Meet the Movie Press,” it is reported that Matt Damon was in talks to star in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming 2” (which is definitely going to be “Spider-Man: Prom,” right? No? Okay, fine.), but not as a hero. The actor was in talks to play an unnamed villain for the film, following in the footsteps of Michael Keaton, who did a great job as the Vulture in ‘Homecoming.’ However, the rumor says that Damon, unfortunately, passed on the project.

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This can be viewed in a number of ways. First, it’s a bit of a bummer that Damon won’t be starring in his second Marvel Cinematic Universe film (his first being as a theater actor in “Thor: Ragnarok”). But also, this points to the idea that Damon is perhaps looking at now as the time to venture into the realm of superhero films. However, if he’s looking at villain roles, then maybe he’s only willing to do a one-off appearance in a film, and not interested in returning for multiple films.

You have to wonder if his relationship with actor Ben Affleck has led to this thinking. Has Damon seen how Affleck has been chewed up and spit out after starring in two DC universe films? It’s fairly obvious that if Affleck knew then what he knows now, he might have thought twice about joining such a huge endeavor as a hero.

Also, this shows that Marvel Studios is continuing their trend of looking towards big names as villains for their films. Keaton, as previously mentioned, has already done it. But there has also been Cate Blanchett, Jeff Bridges, Robert Redford, Kurt Russell, and Michael B. Jordan, who have all played villains in the MCU.

Sadly, for the time being, Matt Damon is still one of the biggest names to fully commit to a superhero film.