'Deadpool' Animated Test Footage Is Released Because 'Deadpool' Footage Always Leaks Online

Here we go again, “Deadpool” fans.

As we’ve covered over the last few days, the abrupt cancelation of FX’s “Deadpool” animated series has been the source of quite a bit of controversy. From Donald Glover releasing a script devoted to the cancelation to his brother Stephen tweeting about how a Taylor Swift script was the nail in the coffin, there has been no shortage of things to talk about with this animated series. But now, we are venturing into a bit of déjà vu territory.

A short clip of an “animation test” has hit the internet, and this is all bringing to mind the not-so-distant past, where another “Deadpool” project was canceled, to only be revived again with the release of test footage.

Back in 2014, someone in the crew of the “Deadpool” film (definitely not director Tim Miller, nope, not him at all…), released a short clip showing the style and tone they were going for with the film that was, at the time, pulled from production at Fox. The popularity of that clip was so immense that “Deadpool” was eventually greenlit, again, and the film went on to become the most successful film of the “X-Men” universe.

With the script by Glover, and this test footage, we get a fairly clear idea of what the Glover Brothers had planned for their animated series. It’s violent, gory, funny, and definitely takes advantage of the animation medium, by almost having a “Looney Tunes”-esque vibe to it. Will this footage take off in the same way that the film footage did? Who knows?

Honestly, from the accounts we have seen about the series so far, it sounds like this series was canceled, not because the network didn’t have faith in the idea (like the original film), but because of the actual writing. It doesn’t seem like the Glovers might have been the best fit for FX and for Marvel.

But hey, if it worked before, maybe it’ll work again. This might just be the beginning of a “Deadpool” animated series revival.