Nicolas Cage Wants To Do A Musical & The World Needs To Make His Wish Come True

There aren’t many things that Nicolas Cage hasn’t done on screen. Just because of the sheer number of projects Cage says yes to, he’s done just about everything. Well, there is one genre of film that the Oscar-winning actor has yet to tackle, but he’s really interested in giving it a go. 

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Speaking to Empire, when asked if there is a type of film he’d like to do in the future, Cage gave his answer. And the idea of Cage starring in this specific genre of film is genius and needs to happen immediately. Seriously, forget the January 6 commission, we need a governmental investigation into why a studio hasn’t signed Cage to do a musical. 

“I haven’t done a musical yet,” Cage teased. “I’d like to try that. I’m not much of a singer. I did sing okay in Wild At Heart, I thought, but I’ve since blown my voice out singing ‘Purple Rain’ incorrectly in karaoke bars.” 

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As for whether or not the actor has a specific role or musical in mind, Cage said, “I think I’d make a good Pontius Pilate in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’” 

Honestly, at this point in his career, Cage doing “Jesus Christ Superstar” isn’t all that exciting. This is a man who has starred in a film where he fought animatronic animals at a Chuck E. Cheese knockoff. There has to be someone out there who can conceive of a musical that lives up the Cage-ian standards we expect. Perhaps a sci-fi musical in space? Or a musical Western? Think, people, think!

As we approach 2023, I feel like each and every screenwriter and creative person on the planet should make it their New Year’s resolution to create a musical worthy of Mr. Cage. And if it isn’t in development before this time next year, we have failed as a society, and we should be ashamed of ourselves.