Remember that article from, oh, two hours ago? The one that talked about Sony working on “Bad Boys 4” with screenwriter Chris Bremner? Well, if you happened to skim the original Hollywood Reporter quickly, you might have gotten all the major ‘Bad Boys‘-related points and missed one key piece of information. You see, Sony’s isn’t the only high-profile sequel Bremner has on his plate. He’s also tackling a ‘National Treasure 3‘ script for Disney.

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That’s right, everyone’s second-favorite historian-slash-adventurer may just be headed back to theaters. “National Treasure” and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” are beloved properties in our corner of the internet, rivaling only Guy Richie‘s “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” in terms of perceived sequel-ability. Bringing back Nicolas Cage would only further cement his legacy as a man without marketability limits, and if positioned right, a “National Treasure 3” could even do what no movie has done before: all him to neatly transition from Hollywood middle age to Hollywood elder statesman in a single feature.

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This is all speculation, of course. Until Bremner gets around to writing one or both of his upcoming features, we will just hold “National Treasure 3” as a bit of wish fulfillment. There’s also the (likely) chance that “National Treasure 3” becomes a straight-to-Disney+ release, which would add a whiff of disappointment to this whole thing; Disney’s streaming service is where established properties go to generate “Oh, right!”-driven clicks. Still. Disney has put this energy out in the universe, and now an entire generation of people raised on jokes about the Declaration of Independence can get their hopes up for another go-around. Here’s hoping they do the right thing and bring George Miller on board as director. He’s got a knack for this whole long-awaited-third-movie thing.