Ryan Reynolds Says He Co-Wrote A ‘Deadpool’ Christmas Movie, But It Was “Lost” To The Fox/Disney Merger

Ryan Reynolds has teased a lot of “Deadpool” in the past, once suggesting that “Deadpool 3” in the 20th Century Fox era was going to be a road trip movie between Deadpool and Wolverine. Of course, that is happening now—at least a Deadpool and Wolverine movie in the new Marvel era, coming in 2024—but apparently, Reynolds had all kinds of ideas, including a Christmas movie.

In a new interview with Big Issue promoting his current Christmas movie, “Spirited” with Will Ferrell, the actor admitted that he and the “Deadpool” franchise writers wrote a Christmas movie for the merc with the mouth.

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“I would love to see a song and dance number in a ‘Deadpool’ movie. Four years ago [Deadpool co-writers] Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and I wrote a Christmas movie starring Deadpool. But it got lost in the shuffle of Disney acquiring Fox, and it never got made,” Reynolds told Big Issue. “Maybe one day we’ll get to make that movie. It’s not a musical, but it’s a full ‘Deadpool’ Christmas movie. So, one day.”

Whether this was the third proper “Deadpool” movie or just a one-off Christmas movie seems unclear, but given his Wolverine/Deadpool idea—that everyone presumed was a joke but turned out to be at least somewhat real—it seems Reynolds is not joking around. And Reynolds has been credited with “Deadpool” movies before, earning screenplay credit on “Deadpool 2.”

“Deadpool” was definitely the most successful of the 20th Century Fox era X-Men films, essentially launched its own franchise and almost begat an “X-Force” spin-off film that filmmaker Drew Goddard (“The Cabin in the Woods”) was supposed to direct. Still, it, too, was killed by the Fox/Disney merger.

As for now, Deadpool vs. Wolverine, aka “Deadpool 3” or whatever it’s ultimately called (the film has no official title at the moment), is on deck for September 2024. There are already plenty of rumors that it will include many elements of the 20th Century Fox epoch of characters (Fantastic Four, Gambit, Colossus, and the old Deadpool gang are all rumored but not remotely confirmed).

“It was ultimately Hugh that said, ‘I think I am ready to come back,’” Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight recently. “All we had to do was sell it to [producer] Kevin Feige, which didn’t take long, and the next thing you knew, here we are.”

Reynolds, whose family is close friends with Taylor Swift, also addressed rumors that the multi-platinum star would be in the film. “If we shoot the next Deadpool film in our house, then that would be that location,” he said, noting that he would love to have her in the film if she was game. “I would do anything for that woman. She’s a genius.”

As for that Xmas movie? Well, time will tell; maybe it could get revived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stranger things have happened, and hell, the “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” is right around the corner, so maybe anything is possible.