'The Wasp' Trailer: Naomie Harris & Natalie Dormer Plot A Murder In Upcoming Thriller

How do you get away with murdering your husband? In the new thriller, “The Wasp,” the answer comes from a reunion of sorts.

As seen in the trailer, “The Wasp” tells the story of a woman in an abusive relationship. She’s driven to the edge of sanity when she reconnects with an estranged friend from school. As they talk, the woman decides that this friend would be the perfect person to kill her husband. Of course, as you might expect, this plan isn’t as foolproof as originally conceived. 

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The film stars Naomie Harris and Natalie Dormer. Harris is probably best known for her Oscar-nominated work in the film “Moonlight.” Dormer, on the other hand, is best known as one of the standouts in “Game of Thrones.” Honestly, Dormer hasn’t really had many huge roles since ‘Thrones’ and that’s a shame. 

“The Wasp” is directed by Guillem Morales. The filmmaker has most recently been working in the realm of TV on projects such as “Inside No. 9,” “The Miniaturist,” and “The Vineyard.” 

“The Wasp” arrives in theaters on August 30. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Adapted by Morgan Lloyd Malcom from her acclaimed play of the same name, The Wasp is a sharp, twisty tale about two estranged childhood friends, Heather (Harris) and Carla (Dormer), who reunite for a cup of tea after not having spoken in many years. At their meeting, Heather presents a very unexpected proposition that will change their lives forever.