G.I. Joe” and its sequel “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” are the blockbusters that never quite became sensations. Both did respectably at the box office, but they didn’t catch fire either, leaving them to be a curio in the Paramount catalog. There’s been talk about a movie universe featuring G.I. Joe, alongside other Hasbro brands Micronauts, Visionairies, M.A.S.K., and ROM, but we haven’t heard much about that of late, and the studio nixed a possible crossover with their lucrative “Transformers” series. Which makes this next development kind of inevitable…

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The LA Times reveals that Paramount and Hasbro are going to reboot the toy solider property and take “a more millennial approach.” I’m not sure what that means either, but this is what Hasbro exec Simon Waters had to say.

“The world has changed, and I think you’re going to see G.I. Joe changing with it,” he explained. “There’s going to be a much more contemporary approach to the whole franchise, and that will allow us to develop different characters.

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“We hope to create a head snap. It’s a different kind of ‘Joe’ — one that still resonates with ‘Joe’ fans but brings in an uninitiated audience and expands the audience internationally and domestically,” Hasbro’s Steve Davis added.

In short, “You know, for kids!” At any rate, this isn’t a huge shock, and there’s still a lucrative market to toys sales to make, with a movie proving to be the ultimate marketing machine. No timeline yet, but it’s probably safe to say that within a few years we’ll have a whole, new set of ‘Joes’ up on the big screen.

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    I’m getting really confused as to where the cutoff period for Millennials is at this point.