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2024 and Beyond (aka Phase 5)
Two decades after the original “Blade” franchise came to an end, Marvel Studios is dusting off the vampire hunter and bringing him back to life in a new film coming…sometime. All we know is that Mahershala Ali is set to play the lead role and that the film is in the works, presumably leading the way in Phase 5. Will it be R-rated? Will it have a Wesley Snipes cameo? Who knows? But Mahershala Ali coming to the MCU (sorry, “Luke Cage” doesn’t count…)? Yes, please!
Release Date: ??? -CB

Young Avengers(It’s happening and I won’t believe anyone who says otherwise)
Okay, we admit, there’s no hint of “Young Avengers” coming in Phase 5. But when you look at Phase 4 and see the introductions of Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, Kate Bishop, and America Chavez, you can’t help but imagine a world where they all team together and form the Young Avengers. Yes, as the title implies, “Young Avengers” would be a film (no, don’t give me a TV series, these heroes deserve a film, dammit!) that finds the next generation of MCU characters (ideally with Peter Parker or Miles Morales added for good measure) taking over for their older counterparts to become the new powerhouse team. Make it happen, Kevin Feige!
Release Date: Can’t come soon enough! – CB

No, it hasn’t been officially announced, but ever since the ink dried on the deal that saw Disney purchase 20th Century Fox, fans have been clamoring to know when “X-Men” is getting rebooted. We fully expect a complete overhaul of the franchise with Feige introducing a new cast to the iconic mutants, with no shortage of actors willing to take over the role of Wolverine from Hugh Jackman. At this point, hoping for “X-Men” to arrive before 2024 is a pipe dream, and honestly, it’s probably closer to 2025. But make no mistake, Marvel’s Merry Mutants are coming.
Release Date: Late-2024, at the earliest. – CB

X-Force” & “New Mutants
Remnants of the Fox/Marvel universe that seemingly died when Disney purchased Fox a couple of years ago, “X-Force” and the “New Mutants” franchises were expected to carry the mutants into a new generation, led by youth and, well, Ryan Reynolds. And the only reason either one of these are showing up in this round-up is Reynolds. If Marvel Studios is bringing Deadpool into the MCU with “Deadpool 3,” the rules are out the window. If Josh Brolin wants to return as Cable and Zazie Beetz comes back as Domino, we could easily see “X-Force” become a reality…eventually. As for “New Mutants,” the film was DOA when it hit theaters back in August with terrible box office unkind reviews. But the film didn’t really connect with other Fox franchises and could be integrated into the MCU…maybe. We’ll just have to see. Don’t bet the house on either happening. But also, don’t be flabbergasted if one or both does eventually come together.
Release Date: Not soon, possibly not ever. – CB