Sometimes, being a teenager means feeling a bit out-of-step or uncertain of your place in their world. But for the titular “Carrie Pilby,” that feeling is only exacerbated by being a genius who went to Harvard at the age of 14. From that viewpoint, the entire world can feel alien.

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The coming-of-age dramedy is led by “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl” star Bel Powley, who is joined by Gabriel Bryne, Nathan Lane and Vanessa Bayer, in the story of a young woman who sets some goals to try to change her life. Here’s the synopsis:

Carrie (Bel Powley), a gifted woman who graduated from Harvard at 19, struggles to make sense of the world as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her New York apartment. Without a job and friends because of her unreasonably high standards, Carrie is told by her therapist to create a five-point plan to get herself on track.

“Carrie Pilby” opens on March 31st and hits VOD on April 4th.