Simon Pegg Says Tarantino's 'Star Trek' Isn't "'Pulp Fiction' In Space"

You would think that Simon Pegg was just going around solely to speak about “Star Trek.” Even though Pegg is out there promoting his new film, “Terminal,” starring himself and Margot Robbie, it seems like all anyone wants to do is talk about “Star Trek.” In a new interview with Coming Soon, Pegg is again asked about ‘Trek,’ and sheds some more light on what we might expect from director Quentin Tarantino’s take on the franchise.

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As you might know by now, the rumor mill went crazy when it was reported that Tarantino was interested in doing an R-rated “Star Trek” film. People were wondering if he’d write and direct the film, what his storyline might be, and when audiences would get a chance to see the filmmaker’s version of the classic sci-fi franchise.

Unfortunately, it seems like that still might a bit of a distant dream, but nevertheless, Pegg talks about Tarantino and what he’s heard about the film:

“Everyone sort of assumes it’s gonna be like ‘Pulp Fiction’ in space, but I think his devotion to ‘Trek’ and his understanding of it… It won’t be ordinary, it’ll have him all over it, but it won’t be anything a ‘Star Trek’ fan will have to worry about. He has an acute understanding of the story and he’d never do anything to tear it down. I haven’t read the treatment yet, but I might be able to in the next couple of weeks, so I’m excited about that.”

So, if you were expecting Captain Kirk and Spock throwing F-bombs while engaging in violent, bloody battles, you might be sorely disappointed. As Pegg says, it just sounds like Tarantino has a cool idea for the franchise, and Paramount is seriously considering it, as they should.

However, the Tarantino ‘Trek’ isn’t the next “Star Trek” film on the agenda. As we reported recently, Paramount is moving forward with a non-Tarantino “Star Trek 4,” but it doesn’t look like Pegg is going to be responsible for the script this time, as he was for the last outing, “Star Trek Beyond.”

“You know what, I’m not developing the next ‘Star Trek’ at all. I think that’s a bit of confusion because I’m working on something with Doug [Jung] at Bad Robot but it’s not the next ‘Trek,’” explains Pegg.

Rumors were floating around that the fourth film in the new franchise would include more time-traveling shenanigans, and would bring back Chris Hemsworth, who played Captain Kirk’s father. We’ll just have to wait and see.