Over the past few years, the Coen Brothers have been happy to work on scripts for other directors. They penned “Gambit” starring Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz (which you probably forgot existed), put their touches on Angelina Jolie‘s “Unbroken” and Steven Spielberg‘s “Bridge Of Spies,” wrote George Clooney‘s forthcoming “Suburbicon,” signed up to write the internet thriller “Dark Web,” and now they’ve got another project they’ll give their Midas touch.

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The brewing “Scarface” remake/reimagining will get a polish from the Coens, which certainly ups our interest in the picture. Diego Luna is set to star in the movie, which currently doesn’t have a director, after Antoine Fuqua recently exited to focus on “The Equalizer 2,” but its gearing up to go into production soon. But Universal should have a filmmaker soon, as they are meeting David Mackenzie (“Hell or High Water“) and Peter Berg (“Deepwater Horizon,” “Patriots Day“), who are front-runners for the gig. And having the Coens lend their talent to the screenplay is a boon for whoever signs up to get behind the camera. Don’t forget, Terence Winter (“Boardwalk Empire,” “The Wolf Of Wall Street“) has also lent his pen to the project too, which is set in contemporary Los Angeles, and follows a Mexican immigrant who searches for power and money.

This sounds like a fun project for the Coens before they dive into their western TV series. “Scarface” opens on August 10, 2018. [Variety/THR]

  • Blue Folio

    What Scarface are they remaking? The old one, or the terrible comedy, starring Al “Hoo-Ha” Pacino?

    • J.C

      After watching documentaries like Cocaine Cowboys and Kingpins about 1980s Miami and the Cuban crimewave, Scarface is surprisingly accurate. Actually the truth of went on back then was more outrageous and silly than anything Oliver Stone and Brian DePalma put to into that film.