If you sit down with someone for an hour, they are bound to share some good stories, and the Happy Sad Confused seems to have gotten a few out of Joe Manganiello. The conversation has already yielded the actor’s desire to make a “Dungeons & Dragons movie, and now it’s revealed that had things gone differently, he might’ve been a key part of the DC Films universe.

While the actor is currently lined up to play Deathstroke in “The Batman” (unless a new script axes the character), he says that he actually met with Zack Snyder to play Superman himself in “Man Of Steel.”

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“I met with Zack. I had an hour and a half long meeting with Zack, which is what was causing all the trouble. … I went ahead and met with casting, and then they all brought me over to meet Zack. I met the producers, I met with Jon Jashni and Thomas Tull at Legendary, I met everybody — everybody involved — and then finally sat down with Zack for an hour and a half and had a big conversation about the character and where it was going, etc. Then they called the ‘True Blood‘ costume shop for my measurements to build my suit and that’s what caused — that’s when it stopped,” Manganiello said.

The assumption here is that scheduling on the HBO vampire/werewolf series squashed his chances of playing the part, which opened the door for Henry Cavill to grab it. And Manganiello is candid about how he felt losing the role, saying, “I’m a sensitive guy. I was rocked by the whole thing.” Bummer for the guy, but hey, he’s still on DC’s contact list, so it’s clear he made an impression on them.

Listen to the full chat with Manganiello below. [via ScreenRant]