Julie Delpy has been evolving into director career for several years now, and it’s exciting to see those efforts coming at a faster clip. And with her recent effort, the comedy “Lolo,” behind her, Delpy is gearing up yet another promising project.

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She will write, direct and star in “My Zoe,” with Gemma Arterton and Daniel Bruhl also featuring. Delpy will play Isabelle, a geneticist recovering from a horrible marriage, and raising her daughter by herself, who turns to a couple in Moscow (Arterton and Bruhl) when tragedy strikes. Meanwhile, Lior Ashkenazi is also part of the cast playing Isabelle’s new boyfriend. And the project is one that that Delpy has been thinking about for a while now.

“I started thinking and taking notes about this film over 20 years ago,” she explained (via Deadline). “It first came to my mind discussing with [director Krzysztof] Kieslowski about parenting, love and fate. The film is about the unconditional love you feel as a parent. It was a very profound process to write it. I gave it all the truth I had and I hope it resonates with others.”

Everything is coming together to shoot next spring in the U.K., which probably means that this will be one to look out for in 2018. But before cameras roll, the project will hope to spur interest from buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin in February.