Maybe it’s just having sat through too many bad time-travel movies, or maybe it’s because of that lovable killjoy Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but whenever we see a movie attempt something close to ‘hard science,’ we more or less assume that the science that they’re actually using is total bullshit. Particularly when it comes to something like Netflix mega-hit “Stranger Things,” which errs on the side of fantasy.

Well, America’s favorite bow-tied science expert Bill Nye might have a dog in this fight — his new series, “Bill Nye Saves The World,” is funded by the same streaming giant as Eleven and co — but he’s here with a new video to step in and explain that some of the multiverse-theory that the show relies on when it comes to the existence of the Upside Down might actually be a real thing. Nye’s views on demagorgons are, as yet, unclear. Watch the video below.