Despite the truly mind-boggling and small-minded statement made by David Gabriel, Marvel VP of Sales that “people didn’t want diversity…didn’t want female characters…that’s what we saw in sales” in response to falling Marvel comics sales, the film industry is on the precipice of a potential new era of female-led superheroes on screen.

It is no secret “Wonder Woman” has a lot on her mighty shoulders. Not only is it the first female-led superhero film, but it is a female-led superhero film directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins (“Monster”). It will only mark the second superhero film (an astonishingly embarrassing statistic) to be directed by a woman, the first being Lexi Alexander‘s “Punisher: War Zone.”

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“Wonder Woman” and the nascent “Captain Marvel,” could be the first of a potential trend of female-led superhero films being led by female directors. The killer combo of female-led superheroes and women in the director’s chair could bring a unique perspective to the increasingly stale comic book film genre. In Hollywood, money talks and if “Wonder Woman” fires on all cylinders and brings in a buffo box office, perhaps studio executives will finally be moved to give female directors more chances to direct larger projects and big franchises.

The clock is ticking on its June 2nd release, but for now bask in the new, glorious “Wonder Woman” photos befitting a true Amazonian warrior.

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