It looks like Drew Goddard and Fox are teaming up again. After their successful collaboration on “The Martian,” Fox has picked up Drew Goddard’s latest script “Bad Times at El Royale,” which he wrote on spec. Not only did Goddard write the film, but he will direct and produce as well, marking his second film as director after 2012’s awesome “The Cabin in the Woods.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, details about the script are scarce, with even the logline being kept secret. But it is being described as a “contained thriller with either sci-fi or horror elements.” In fact, things were so hush-hush, only high level studio people had access to the screenplay, and they had to read it on a tablet before returning it to a courier. Let’s hope all that secrecy is worth it.

While the production is still in its infancy, it sounds like a promising film just based on Goddard’s earlier credits, and Fox’s endorsement surely doesn’t hurt.