'Horizon': Kevin Costner's Next Directorial Outing Will Be Split Into 4 Separate Feature Films

It’s been a long time since Kevin Costner has directed a film. It’s actually been nearly 20 years since 2003’s “Open Range” was released. Before that, as you probably already know, Costner directed “The Post Man” and “Dances With Wolves.” The latter of which earned seven Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. But for those folks who have been dying to see what Costner can do as a director now, you’ll have a lot to look forward to with “Horizon,” his next project. It seems as if Costner is going to more than double his directorial output with just this one project.

According to an interview with Variety, Kevin Costner’s next directorial outing, “Horizon,” isn’t just a Western feature, as we expected. In fact, the production will spawn four different films. Yes, Kevin Costner is going to direct four features at the same time. Not only that, he said that he hopes to release them “about every three months.” So that would mean that for one year straight, the world will be getting a new Costner-directed Western every three months. 

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But they’re not all sequels in the traditional sense. No, the way the filmmaker describes the “Horizon” films, it sounds as if its all more like an anthology. 

“They’re all different films that all connect, so you’re watching a saga of these storylines that are happening,” said Costner.

Costner went on to describe what he feels “Horizon” is really about:

“It’s a really beautiful story; it’s a hard story. It really involves a lot of women, to be honest. There are a lot of men in it, too, but the women are really strong in ‘Horizon.’ It’s just them trying to get by every day in a world that was impossibly tough. They were often [dragged] out to these places because that’s where the men wanted to go; women were following their men. They didn’t ask to be in these territories that were unsettled and dangerous, and life wasn’t easy. I’ve chosen to make sure that was really obvious, that that wasn’t easy, and how vulnerable people were.”

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And before you ask, yes, it would appear that “Horizon” is being set up as a streaming/TV project and won’t be theatrically released. Costner said the project was sold as an “event television movie.” However, he said the situation could change, if the studio changes its mind. 

A release date for “Horizon” has yet to be announced. Costner said production is expected to begin in August and will take up to eight months to shoot. So, don’t be shocked if we don’t see “Horizon” until the end of 2023, at the earliest.