'Yellowstone' Surprises With A Deadly Season Finale & Eric Nelsen Talks Playing Ennis on '1883' [Yellowstoners Podcast]

The Yellowstoners, Mike DeAngelo and Rodrigo Perez, have returned to see how it all shook out in Season 4 of Paramount Network’s money-maker, “Yellowstone.” During the podcast, the hosts discuss the Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone,” and the third episode of the prequel, “1883.”

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The hosts discuss all the spoiler-y details, that major death scene, and Season 5 predictions, and, afterward, Eric Nelsen stops by to talk about playing the charismatic charmer cowboy, Ennis, on 1883, living 10 minutes from their shoot, the sweet nature of Sam Elliott, and how soap opera acting prepared him for his new role.

Will Jamie die? Will Beth die? Will John die? Will anyone not die? Will Kayce stop tripping? Will the wild west take it easy on those poor folks in 1883? Is Eric Nelsen as charming as Ennis? (Spoiler Alert: Yes.) Let’s talk about all of it!

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Less horsing around and more drama! You can listen to the entire episode:

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