Do you love “La La Land”? Are you interested in the independent film business? Well, we’ve got a late December treat for you with our guests for the 8th episode of the 4 Quadrant podcast, “La La Land” producers Fred Berger and Jordan Horowitz.

This conversation was originally conducted as part of a feature I wrote for the Los Angeles Times Envelope section about up and coming prestige/Oscar producers. The talk was so informative and dives so much into the making of “La La Land” that Fred and Jordan allowed me to present it to you as part of this podcast.

Fred and Jordan began working on “La La Land” years before director and screenwriter Damien Chazelle even made the “Whiplash” short let alone the “Whiplash” film. So, yeah, they are a stellar example of the patience you need to work in Hollywood. Especially if it’s a project you truly believe in. Our discussion touches on how the trio first met, the difficulties of independent film producing, the long road to get the movie made, and their emotional reaction to screening the first time along with many other anecdotes. Basically, if you want to know more about the independent film business or are a huge fan of the movie you really should take the time to listen.

Two quick points before we begin:

The first is just a that this was originally a straight interview so it starts and ends a bit roughly. Apologies in advance for that.

The second is that it was recorded in the middle of October before “La La Land” won a number of major critics groups awards and before the Golden Globe and SAG Awards nominations were announced.

Keeping all that in mind you can listen to the podcast in the Soundcloud embed below or on iTunes. If you do listen on iTunes please rate, subscribe and share it with your friends!

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