Pablo Picasso brought his own abstract view to the horrors that unfolded in the lead up to WWII in his famous painting “Guernica,” but now director Koldo Serra brings those events to life in the film of the same name. And today we have the exclusive trailer debut for the movie that details an important chapter in WWII history.

Starring James D’Arcy, Jack Davenport, María Valverde, Burn Gorman, and Ingrid García-Jonsson, the film brings brings audiences to Spain in 1937, where the citizens of the village of Guernica live with the day-to-day realities of the Civil War. An American journalist trying to report on what’s unfolding in the town secretly joins forces with a local press-office censor to work around the increasingly stringent restrictions he faces. But everything changes when German forces attack the town, and the freedom of the press becomes a vital weapon.

“Guernica” arrives on DVD and digital on August 2nd. Watch the trailer above, and check out the artwork below.