Noah Hawley is one of those endlessly talented guys. It could burn you up with jealousy if you let it. He’s best known as the creator behind both “Fargo” and “Legion,” but Hawley is an accomplished author as well. And with TV and books conquered, he’s now set his sights on the movie.

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Hawley has inked a two-picture deal with Fox Searchlight, and the big one out of the gate will be “Pale Blue Dot,” which Reese Witherspoon has been attached to star in for a while now. Penned by Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi, the story follows an astronaut who returns home after a long mission in space, and starts to break down when plunked back into her perfect American life. It sounds like a great match of material and talent.

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Hawley is also brewing “Buried Bodies” at the studio, and it will tell the true story of the Lake Pleasant Buried Bodies case, where two lawyers were faced with an ethical dilemma when their client reveals the location to them of two dead bodies, leaving them in the quandary of sharing this information with the prosecution, or choosing to shield the intel behind attorney/client privilege. They chose the latter, kicking off an intense series of events. The case is infamous in law circles, and formed the basis of the TV movie “Sworn To Silence” in 1987, as well as episode of “Law & Order.”

Both are promising projects, and it looks like Hawley shows no signs of slowing down. [Deadline]