With the current state of the world, movies about the making of movies seem a bit frivolous, but perhaps they are just the sort of meta-layered escape we need. Certainly, Mathieu Amalric is hoping his journey into cinematic obsession with “Barbara” can resonate when it premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Amalric directs and co-stars in the movie, led by Jeanne Balibar, about an actress and director who both become consumed with the character of Barbara in the film they’re making…or are they simply attracted to each other? Here’s the official synopsis:

An actress, Brigitte, is playing Barbara in a film that soon begins shooting.

Brigitte works on her character, her voice, the songs and scores, the imitation of her gestures, her knitting, the lines to learn. Things
move along. The character grows inside her. Invades her, even…

Yves, the director, is also working — via encounters, archival footage, the music. He seems inhabited and inspired by her…

But by whom? The actress or Barbara?

“Barbara” will play in Un Certain Regard. Check out the first trailer, clip and new photos below.