Netflix isn’t in the business of playing nice. The global streaming service has made is clear that they don’t have much romance left for the theatrical experience, and their focus is on providing their customers with top-tier movies and television shows, without delay. That commitment to quality, coupled with billions of dollars to spend on content, has allowed Netflix to create some tremendous programming, and the stream of big name talent continuing to head to the company to work with them grows by the day. However, it seems not everyone in Hollywood is eager to embrace the future.

According to Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, some are still resistant to working with the streaming service. “Some talent is excited about it. Some talent is willing to work with it if we pay them enough,” he explained. “Other talent does not want to be on the cutting edge, say like Kevin Spacey and David Fincher were with Netflix and ‘House Of Cards.’ ”

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However, Hastings did concede that if Netflix does well at the Oscars and Golden Globes — where it has yet to make the same impact as their rivals at Amazon — that will change the game. “If we do well for our talent in those shows, the talent is more interested in working with us,” he said.

But one wonders how much Netflix’s attitude might be hurting them as well. The company continually takes the position they are not anti-movie theater, but whenever they talk about the multiplex, it seems the knives really come out.

“How did [movie theater chains] innovate in the movie business in the last 30 years? Well, the popcorn tastes better, but that’s about it,” Hastings zinged, before once again underlining that Netflix wants to take the industry in a new direction.

“What Netflix wants to do is to unleash film,” he added. “It’s fundamentally about growing the movie business.”

Whether or not they can do that by biting the hand that feeds, remains to be seen. [Variety/Belfast Telegraph]