Chris Evans Will Show A New Side With 'Jekyll'

Fresh off his billion-dollar blockbuster, “Captain America: Civil War,” Chris Evans is looking to diversify a bit by starring in the upcoming “Jekyll” for Lionsgate. Not to be confused with the upcoming Jekyll reboot featuring Russell Crowe as part of the Universal Monsters shared universe, Evans’ “Jekyll” will be based on the BBC One drama from 2007.

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“Jekyll” is a reboot sequel of the classic tale. The story follows a modern-day descendant of Dr. Jekyll who starts to show signs that he might have inherited that pesky split personality. Leaving his wife and kids behind, he struggles to exist as two separate personalities, one of which is a super-strong, violent charmer. Things get complicated when the character’s alternate persona learns of his estranged wife and kids.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman are teaming up to produce the film, which is being written by duo Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. The writing duo is most recently known for “The Nice Guys” and the upcoming “Doc Savage.”

Production will probably have to wait a bit, as Chris Evans is suiting up perhaps for the last time as Captain America in the upcoming final two “Avengers” sequels. [Deadline]