The Playlist Podcast is back! Beginning with this Halloween episode, our very own Managing Editor, Charles Barfield, leads the way with new co-hosts, Mike DeAngelo and Brian Farvour, to bring back that lovin’ feeling to your earholes.

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In this episode, the guys discuss the current state of the film business – will theaters survive? Is streaming the inevitable future? Where does all the movie theater popcorn go if no one eats it?! (One of those topics is not discussed – tune in the find out which one!)

They also discuss their thoughts on three new horror-thriller releases. First up, Joe Marcantonio’s “Kindred” (in select theaters and VOD on Friday, November 6), which follows a young, unstable mother-to-be (Tamara Lawrance) who comes to live with her deceased significant other’s family and starts to believe that their intentions may be less than pure.

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Next, Charles and Co. talk Mark Tonderai’sSpell” (On digital and VOD on Friday, October 30) starring Omari Hardwick as a man who crashes a small plane in the Appalachian Mountains and wakes to discover that he’s in the care of Eloise and Earl, two voodoo practitioners that have sinister plans for their new guest and his family.

The final new release discussed is Zoe Lister-Jones’ “The Craft: Legacy” (Available now on digital and VOD) starring Cailee Spaeny, David Duchovny, and Michelle Monaghan in the sequel to the beloved 1996 film that follows a young girl who joins a coven of witches at her new school. Together they come into their newfound power and discover the people in their lives may not be who they seem. Dun-Dun-Duuuuun!

Rounding out the podcast with some final Halloween film recommendations, this episode is a “can’t miss” for film-lovers looking for some good spooky content going into the Halloween weekend!

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