Jane Austen’s classic novel, “Emma,” has been adapted in various films and TV series over the decades. And when you have source material that has been mined as much as Austen’s story, you would think there’s not much room for surprises. Yet, Autumn de Wilde’s recent film, “Emma,” follows the period setting and plot of Austen’s novel while also providing a refreshing new take on the 205-year-old story.

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In honor of the film arriving on DVD and Blu-ray today, we are thrilled to give our readers a chance to watch a deleted scene from the acclaimed film from earlier this year. The film follows the story of the title character and her interference in the love lives of her friends. And in the deleted scene, you can see the great dialogue and fun interactions that de Wilde fills her film with, as Emma is doing her best to convince a man to fall in love with a woman that he so clearly has no interest in.

The film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Miranda Hart, and Josh O’Connor. This new adaptation of “Emma” is written by Eleanor Catton and directed by de Wilde, in her feature film debut. Previously, de Wilde was best known for being one of the best music photographers working today, as well as a music video director, having collaborated with artists such as Florence + the Machine and Beck.

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In our review of “Emma,” we said, “With winsome performances, eye-popping art direction, and witty repartee, de Wilde’s adaptation is, like its protagonist, ‘handsome, clever, and rich.’”

“Emma” is available now on Digital, DVD, and Blu-ray.

You can watch the deleted scene below, as well as the trailer for “Emma”: