Just in time for the Halloween season, it appears that work is being started to bring the “Ginger Snaps” horror franchise to the small screen.

According to Deadline, “Ginger Snaps” director John Fawcett is set to executive produce a new TV series based on his cult classic horror film from 2000. The new series is set to be written by Anna Ssemuyaba and based on the story from the early-‘00s trilogy of horror films. “Ginger Snaps” tells the story of two sisters, Ginger and Brigette, who make a plan to leave their small town by the time they’re 16 or kill themselves instead. However, before that pact can come to fruition, Ginger finds herself inflicted with the werewolf disease and her sister has to figure out how to keep her under control.

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As mentioned, the 20-year-old film would go on to become a cult classic and spawn two sequels. Now, Fawcett is back to the franchise and will team with Ssemuyaba, along with “Killing Eve” production company, Sid Gentle Films, and the trilogy’s production company, Copperheart Entertainment. In addition to directing the first “Ginger Snaps,” Fawcett is probably best known for being a producer and co-creator of the popular BBC America series, “Orphan Black.”

It’s unclear if the series will be a complete remake or follow in the footsteps of recent offerings like “The Craft: Legacy” and 2018’s “Halloween” by kickstarting a new franchise but still keeping ties to the originals. Let’s be honest, even if that’s not the case, the new “Ginger Snaps” series needs to have a Katharine Isabelle appearance, either way. She’s the face of the franchise and has continued to work in the horror genre over the past 20 years.

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Regardless, the idea of more “Ginger Snaps” is a good idea, and hopefully, the new series can introduce a new generation to a cult classic.

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