'Irresistible' Exclusive Clip: Steve Carell Has Trouble Relating To The Townsfolk In Jon Stewart's Comedy

Wisconsin is a strange place. Take it from me, an actual resident of the Midwestern state. And as someone who transplanted to the area, I can relate in a super-specific way to Steve Carell’s character in the upcoming political comedy film, “Irresistible.”

Directed by Jon Stewart, “Irresistible” tells the story of a hotshot DC political consultant that heads to Wisconsin to help groom a retired Marine colonel for a mayoral run. And in honor of the film arriving on Premium VOD later this week, we’re thrilled to give our readers an exclusive look at a clip from the film, showing how the political consultant (Carell) has trouble relating to the blue-collar folks that populate the Midwest. And as they rightly point out, Madison is not indicative of the rest of Wisconsin. Silly, DC boy.

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As mentioned, the film is helmed by Stewart, who also wrote the script. Stewart, of course, is probably best known for his comedy career and his long run as host of “The Daily Show,” where political commentary paid the bills. Now, he’s moved into the world of filmmaking, first with 2014’s drama, “Rosewater,” and now with “Irresistible.”

Joining Carell in the cast of the film is one hell of a cast including Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, and Rose Byrne. Any one of those people could headline their own film, and show that, if nothing else, “Irresistible” might be the comedy with the very best collection of actors released this summer.

Originally scheduled to be released in theaters last month (yet another COVID-19 pandemic delay), now “Irresistible” arrives on PVOD on June 26. You can watch the exclusive clip below.