After previously confirming the indefinitely incomplete status of David O. Russell’s ill-fated political satire, “Nailed,” Jessica Biel has now come out with optimistic comments regarding the project’s potential completion.

“I think we have some more work to do on it,” Biel told Vulture wishy-washily. “It will definitely be coming out at some point, though. It was a fantastic experience, and it will be a wild movie.”

Definitely? Really? Says who? Blind optimism or just wishful thinking? Sounds like a bit of both and in another recent interview — Biel’s been doing press for the film, “Easy Virtue” — she changed her tune and stated unequivocally, ” ‘Nailed’ is not finished.”

She also admitted she really knew nothing about finding more money to complete the picture or what the status of the film is. “If we get money [we could continue filming]! I don’t know what’s going on with that. That’s really disappointing… It kills me!”

“Nailed” tells the story of a young, socially awkward and uninsured receptionist waitress who, after being accidentally gets shot in the head with a nail, goes to Washington on a crusade to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured. The project, though, had reportedly been left unfinished, missing key scenes and basically abandoned by the principle post-production players after a production that saw four shutdowns, actor James Caan walk off and diva behaviour from lead Jake Gyllenhaal.

Director O. Russell has since moved on with three different projects on the horizon (“The Fighter,” “Aaron and Sarah” and “The Silver Linings Playbook“). We hate to be too skeptical here, but O.Russell has a lot on his plate and seems to have moved on. This ship may have long sailed.