Over the past few days, we’ve seen a number of actors, filmmakers, and studios show their support for the Black community while condemning racism. Some have even put up large sums of money to support the various fundraisers that have risen up in the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. But in the case of the filmmakers involved with the recent film, “Just Mercy,” they’re doing something a bit different.

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According to a recent tweet on the “Just Mercy” Twitter account, the 2019 film that stars Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and Jamie Foxx is being offered as a free download on all VOD platforms for the entire month of June.

The tweet said, “We believe in the power of story. #JustMercy is one resource we can offer to those who are interested in learning more about the systemic racism that plagues our society. For the month of June, #JustMercy will be available to rent for free on digital platforms in the US.”

For those that haven’t seen the acclaimed film (a film that somehow failed to garner much awards discussion last year despite being one of the better features to be released), “Just Mercy” tells the true story of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, who devotes his life to representing people falsely convicted of crimes due to racism. He has continued to help through his organization, the Equal Justice Initiative.

In a statement, the filmmakers associated with the project (including writer-director Destin Daniel Cretton, who is the filmmaker behind the upcoming Marvel Studios film ‘Shang-Chi’) said, “To actively be part of the change our country is so desperately seeking, we encourage you to learn more about our past and the countless injustices that have led us to where we are today…Watch with your family, friends, and allies.”

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So, not only is watching “Just Mercy” a way of showing your support for the mission of Bryan Stevenson and the message that is showcased but for those people looking for a way to help educate people around you that may not fully understand what is going on right now in the US, you can show them a quality film starring Adonis Creed and Captain Marvel that will actually teach them something useful. It sounds like a no-brainer.