Mary Poppins Returns” has large Disney shoes to fill, if it wants to be favorably compared to the classic original film. The sequel to 1964’s “Mary Poppins” seems to capture the spirit of the original, with its mixture of animation and live-action, a healthy dose of fun and whimsy, as well as its own fair share of musical numbers. And it’s those musical additions to the franchise that fans might be most anxious about.

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In anticipation of the film’s Christmas debut and the soundtrack’s release in a couple weeks, Disney has released two full songs from the upcoming film. The songs in “Mary Poppins Returns” has to live up to some serious classic tunes found in the original. Songs like “A Spoonful of Sugar” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” have transcended the film and become staples in pop culture. Now, Disney hopes that “The Place Where Lost Things Go” and “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” can capture the hearts and minds of filmgoers around the world.

The first song, “The Place Where Lost Things Go” is performed by “Mary Poppins Returns” star Emily Blunt, who takes over the role made famous by Julie Andrews. While it’s difficult to judge the merit of the song completely out of context and without the visual accompaniment, it’s obvious that Blunt is bringing her A-game to her vocals and delivers a beautiful performance.

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The other song, “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” comes from “Hamilton” mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda, who stars in ‘Returns’ opposite Blunt. However, don’t go expecting a rap song about everyone’s favorite nanny. Miranda turns in a song that has the same voice you know and love from his time on Broadway, but with a decidedly British sound.

As mentioned, “Mary Poppins Returns” hits theaters on December 19, and the soundtrack, which is going to be a big hit, no doubt, will arrive on December 7.