Two decades later, Darren Aronofsky’sRequiem for a Dream” remains one of the best films in the acclaimed director’s filmography. Some might argue that it’s his greatest. And though the imagery seen in the film is tough for viewers to stomach, at times, that doesn’t mean ‘Requiem’ doesn’t deserve the 4K treatment.

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In honor of the film’s 20th anniversary and the release of Lionsgate’s newly 4K remastered, Director’s Cut of “Requiem of a Dream,” we have an exclusive look at a clip from the disc. And in the behind-the-scenes clip, we see Ellen Burstyn talk about the “exhausting” performance she gave in the lead role. Because this is an Aronofsky film, there are some interesting camera moves and tricks utilized to create the frenzied tone of the film, and Burstyn felt the brunt of that becoming a camera mount herself, as well as cleaning an apartment as fast as she possibly could.

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For those that haven’t seen the film, ‘Requiem’ tells the story of four people, each deeply affected by the use of heroin. And the film is perhaps best known for its frank, often disgusting look at the depths people go when they’re hooked on the devastating drug.

“Requiem for a Dream” stars Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans. And though that might seem like an incredibly eclectic cast, especially given Wayans’ previous comedic work, each one of the actors turns in great performances that arguably stand as the best work they’ve done in their careers. And now, you can see their performances in crystal-clear 4K, showcasing the immense talent of Oscar-nominated cinematographer Matthew Libatique.

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As mentioned, the new 4K remastered Director’s Cut of “Requiem for a Dream” is available now via Lionsgate. You can see the new trailer and the exclusive clip below: