Last month, Paul Reubens had an interview with THR where he talked about an idea for a Pee-Wee Herman movie he has that he hasn’t been able to get financing for. While Pee-Wee is probably best known as a lovable goof that we’ve seen in films like “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,” Reubens has another idea in mind, as he discussed what a “dark” Pee-Wee movie could be. And now, thanks to an intrepid YouTuber, film fans can experience just a little taste of what that experience might look like.

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For many film fans, the big selling point for the Dark Pee-Wee film is the fact that Reubens said that he is approaching the Safdie Brothers about the project. The Safdies, of course, are probably best known for their recent award-winning film, “Uncut Gems,” as well as their previous film, “Good Time.” They’re known for their incredibly dark and gritty stories about people experiencing what is probably the worst times in their lives. Needless to say, if these filmmakers teamed up with Reubens, there could be something magical. At the very least, it would be incredibly interesting.

In the THR interview, the Reubens described his take on the film, saying, “I’ve referred to it as the ‘Valley of the Dolls‘ Pee-wee movie. It’s about fame.”

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Clearly, this is the inspiration that YouTuber Austin Tolin took when crafting his video that mashes up the various Pee-Wee appearances with the great “Uncut Gems” trailer. Sure, it’s not perfect, but for those hoping to see the unlikely combination of the Safdie Brothers and Pee-Wee Herman, this might be the closest we get.

As you might expect, the video showcases the unlikely rise to fame of the famous comedic character, from his stint in prison to his sudden popularity in Hollywood. Of course, we’ve seen this sort of story before and Herman falls into the same traps that grab hold of many stars, including rampant drug use.

Is this the Dark Pee-Wee film you want to see?