By his own admission, Bill Murray isn’t the easiest guy to get on the phone for a gig, and he generally doesn’t want to work too hard if he doesn’t have to. It must be a sweet life, but that laissez faire attitude means that sometimes, opportunity knocks, but he misses the call. And that’s what went down with the brewing Toni Erdmann” remake starring Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig.

In an interview with CNBC, Murray reveals that Wiig had actually brought him the “Toni Erdmann” project, but due to his own negligence, his missed the chance to make the movie.

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“Kristen Wiig, who I think is so wonderful, sent me something and said, ‘Would you look at this thing?’ And I’m just not very organized, for a while I lost it, and then I found it, but I didn’t get around to watching this thing that she wanted me to watch. And then she said, ‘Well, Jack Nicholson took the job,’ ” he explained.

Easy come, easy go it seems for Murray, who also reveals that he let his Netflix subscription lapse because he forgot to renew it, and then couldn’t be bothered re-up. But the actor doesn’t have a this overly chill attitude for everything in his life — Wes Anderson is one of the few people who can get him to show up for just about anything. Watch the full interview below.

  • Josh King

    Wow I’m surprised he wasn’t more like “Nicholson, really?? I thought he was retired” because he hasn’t done a film in years. Downey apparently couldn’t get him to come out for Sherlock 3. But I guess Jack found it interesting enough.

  • Henry

    Oh, Bill.

    On a side note: when is he working with the Coens? It would be perfect!

  • glimmer

    loved the bits about being forgetful and misplacing thing. i like murray now… 😉