Generally speaking, when it comes to blockbusters, studios throw a big, wide net out when it comes to casting, considering as many people as possible so they can make the best movie they can. And so it means lots of names get looked at, and people like Michael Fassbender take meetings for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And it looks like Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s brewing Han Solo spinoff will have at least one piece of trivia regarding an actor who nearly made the grade.

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Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Christian Bale was in the mix for the mentor role that Woody Harrelson is now in talks for in the movie. Seeing Bale run with the whimsy of Lord and Miller could’ve been interesting, and we’d really love to see the actor loosen up a bit in a comedy (even when he is funny in a movie like “The Big Short,” there’s always an equal pull of drama and darkness). Well, we’ll have to keep waiting….

The Han Solo spinoff will drop in 2018.