Luca Guadagnino doesn’t know the word “stop.” The filmmaker might be at the busiest point of his career, having just hit Sundance with “Call Me By Your Name” (which is already earning Oscar buzz), and currently in post-production on his remake of “Suspiria.” But if you thought he might decide to perhaps take a nap once that project is done, guess again.

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Benedict Cumberbatch are currently being eyed for the lead roles in Guadagnino’s new thriller, which is eyeing a start date in early 2018. Penned by Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises,” “Locke“), it will center on two friends, a business titan and a journalist, but other details are being guarded; however, the film does feature a female lead role as well.

Should the two actors board the project, it’ll give StudioCanal the signal to fully finance the movie, which, in fitting with Guadagnino’s oeuvre, will take place in an “exotic setting.” You pretty much had us as Guadagnino, Gyllenhaal and Cumberbatch, so let’s hope this one comes together. [Deadline]

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    Whatever happened to the movie Current that Gyllenhaal & Cumberbatch were supposed to have made?