Not since the days of Paul Thomas Anderson and Fiona Apple has there been a music video partnership quite as much fun as the one between Sofia Coppola and Phoenix. Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars has been providing music for now-wife Sofia Coppola‘s movies for decades now, with the band appearing on the soundtracks for “Lost In Translation,” “Marie Antoinette,” and “The Bling Ring,” and Coppola had previously returned the favor by shooting their 2013 music video for the song “Chloroform.” And now Coppola has edged just a little closer to balancing out the scales, bringing her husband’s band along — as well as some familiar faces from her movies — in this new ad for the Calvin Klein spring collection.

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There’s something for everyone in this spot. Music fans will be excited to hear a previously unreleased track by Phoenix; cinephiles will get a chance to see one of their favorite directors in action. You might also notice some familiar Hollywood faces, including Rashida Jones, Lauren Hutton, and Coppola regular Kirsten Dunst. In addition to the full advertisement, Coppola also shot a series of interviews and shorter advertisements for Calvin Klein, a few of which we’ve included in the videos below.

Here’s the official description of the project on the Calvin Klein website, including Coppola’s vision for the ads:

No one shows us women in quite the same way Sofia Coppola does. Beginning in 1999, with her adaptation of “The Virgin Suicides,” the writer-director has made a series of unique, deeply atmospheric films filled with characters the likes of which none of us had ever seen before. “I wanted young women to have something that treated them with respect and understanding,” Coppola says. And in her stories that speak to the meaningful moments of adolescence and young adulthood — a first crush, a first kiss — all appointed and photographed in accordance with her elegantly pop aesthetic, she has done just that.

It is with this same mission and style that Coppola has created the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign celebrating women — one which she feels proud to fit into the brand’s storied tradition of scantily clad iconography. “I just love Calvin Klein’s whole very American idea of women — and men, too,” she says. “The old Avedon commercials with Andie MacDowell, the ’90s images of Kate Moss…I feel like those images made a big impression on me in my formative years.”  

While there appears to be plenty of b-roll on the campaign, we’ve pulled out the relevant clips for your enjoyment below.