Logan” is wonderfully different. A movie that operates more like a drama or western that anything involving people with special powers, it’s arguably a new classic in the genre (read our review), and pushes the boundaries of what can be done with the superhero movie. James Mangold doesn’t follow any rulebook from Marvel or DC Films… except in one department…

Rumors started surfacing over the past few days that 20th Century Fox had quietly added a few more minutes of additional runtime to “Logan,” prompting speculation that post-credits sting was being added. And despite earlier denials by the director and cast (to be fair, mostly regarding any involvement by Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool) Collider has confirmed that there will be a post-credits scene. It was not seen by critics at screenings last week, and it’s not yet know if it’ll be in the middle of the credits or right at the very end, but basically: stay in your seats.

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Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman — who was wavering not too long ago on his commitment to end his stint as Wolverine with “Logan” — has once again said he’s hanging up the claws, crushing Ryan Reynolds’ dream of a Wolverine/Deadpool movie in the process.

“I’m out,” the actor told Fandango. “That’s probably bad timing because I love Ryan Reynolds and I love Deadpool, but I knew I was out and I couldn’t have made this movie if I was questioning if I was out. I was a pain in the ass for a lot of people with this movie because it mattered so much to me. Even when we started writing this, and even when I asked James Mangold to come on board, I said ‘Dude, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it.’ Unless it’s exactly what I want, I prefer to not do it. I couldn’t live with it. So this is it.”

Pour one out for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine… almost. In the same interview, Patrick Stewart quips that perhaps Jackman is just saying all this to promote “Logan.” Guess we’ll find out eventually.

The movie opens on March 3rd.

  • Tossaway

    Right now would be the time to film a post-credit scenes for Deadpool 2 with him as Wolverine. Doesn’t have to be connected to the plot. Just have him cut off Deadpool’s head for stalking him and have Deadpool say something like “just not feelin’ the love right now, but we’ll kiss and make up.”

    • Eric Woodley

      Cut his head off? Nah, pop his claws through Deadpool’s skull.

      • Tossaway

        Hard for Deadpool to talk that way. Kinda ruins the scene.Much easier to keep pissing off Wolverine if he can talk.

      • Tossaway

        Makes it hard for the skull to talk that way.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Yes and Resident Evil 6 is the last one too… When he stars in three movies that tank or do nothing after this..he’ll be back.

  • Gopal Natarajan

    Well, now that Patrick Stewart has also said that he is done with Prof. X, that’s two nails in the coffin.