If there is one movie we’ll buy a ticket for this year, without needing a poster, trailer, or even any still images, it’s Paul Thomas Anderson‘s new movie starring his “There Will Be Blood” collaborator Daniel Day-Lewis. Not much has been glimpsed from the film aside from some set images, and we don’t know the title yet. However, let there be no doubt….it’s coming in 2017.

At CinemaCon yesterday, Focus Features teased their year ahead at the movies, and while they showed zero footage from Anderson’s new film, the studio confirmed it’ll be out at Christmas. There’s no exact date yet, but it’s clear they believe this has awards season potential. Whether or not it’ll be completed in time for any fall festivals is another question waiting to be answered.

To recap, the untitled film is set in the couture world of 1950s London. The story illuminates the life behind the curtain of an uncompromising dressmaker commissioned by royalty and high society. That’s definitely another left turn in terms of subject matter for Anderson, but we’d expect nothing less from the director. This is one cinematic present we can’t wait to open.

  • Mr. Outer Limits

    Too bad his last two movies (“The Master” and “Inherent Vice”) sucked.

    • Bo

      I totally agree…then again, I think this director is seriously over rated and that all his movies suck. There Will Be Blood was of some interest due to Day-Lewis’ performance, but in the end it just failed and didn’t work for me. I hated, hated Magnolia and thought his first one was boring and nonsensical. PTA is a whole lot about nothing for me. IMO, of course…lol…

  • Jeff Buhler