The first reviews rolled out for “Alien: Covenant” over the weekend (here’s ours), and the general consensus seems to be that it’s better than “Prometheus,” but still flawed, yet enjoyable. Essentially, there’s a lot of conflicted feelings about the picture, but at the end of the day, Ridley Scott will be satisfied if you left the multiplex feeling like you got your money’s worth coupled with a chill up your spine.

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“I wanted to really scare the shit out of people,” he told The Guardian. “Totally, that’s the job. It’s like if I’m a comedian, I want to make you laugh like hell. My day job is to be an entertainer. Some of it is art, but fundamentally I entertain – never forget that.”

While the filmmaker has taken some heat for turning “Alien” into what seems like a series that will never end, Scott is unapologetic about franchise building, and says that when it all works, it keeps the wheels turning in the industry.

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“Franchise always sounds like a vaguely not-very-nice word, because it means making money. And there’s nothing wrong with making money in the film industry – in fact it’s what it’s all about. If there’s a big film that’s a disaster, it’s bad for everybody. If there’s a little film that’s a huge success, it’s good for everybody. That’s the industry we’re in,” the director candidly stated.

“Alien: Covenant” opens on May 19th. Check out a new clip below.