It seems every TV network wants a slice of gritty, ’70s-era New York City at the moment. HBO tried and failed with “Vinyl,” while this summer, Netflix will launch the first half of Baz Luhrmann‘s “The Get Down.” However, Hulu is getting away from the music scene and going into gangland for their brewing ’70-set New York City, and they’ve got a hot pair of filmmakers to help them out, and a terrific property to work with.

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Deadline reports that Marvel faves Anthony and Joe Russo (“Captain America: Civil War,” the next two ‘Avengers’ movies) have been tapped to create a one-hour drama based on Walter Hill‘s cult favorite “The Warriors.” The 1979 movie took audiences into the no-holds-barred world of New York gangs and crews, and that’s a very rich setting for a series. The plan is to retain the setting, but expand on the grime, sex and violence, with Frank Baldwin teaming with the Russos to write the series.

Interest in “The Warriors” over the years has certainly not been wanting, with the movie inspiring a video game and comic-book series. And at one time, Tony Scott had been developing a remake that would’ve moved the story to Los Angeles. But with all due respect to Scott, this seems like a much better approach, and one that will add more fully rounded shape to the cast of colorful characters.

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  • Zerha Leverman

    I’m ALL OVER this. So VERY interested. As an actor and as a fan. Will be one of the biggest fans. Please make this series!!!!!

  • Dan Marrin

    All I can think is for a full series, the new story will have to be them taking the Q or D then connecting to either the LIRR or Metro North….

  • Wolf J Flywheel

    what are they going to do? re-tell the Aeneid? do peeps remember ‘The Warriors’ was a retelling of the Anabasis?

    • Don Don

      The Warriors is based on Anabasis, not the Aeneid.

      • Wolf J Flywheel

        true dat

  • Can you dig it?!?!!

  • Steve Currie

    I can diiiiggggg this!!!!!

  • Possibly the MOST overrated film by one of the most overrated directors of the era..

    Sure to make a lousy and, one hopes, short-lived series.