Loudest Laugh, Favorite Shot & More Alternative 2019 Year-End Awards [Be Reel Podcast]

With 2019 all but gone and neither host having yet seen the motion picture “Cats,” Be Reel reflects on the year in film with a series of semi-original accolades.

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Peep the full category list below.

  • Favorite acting that will never get award consideration
  • Steepest movie disappointment relative to expectations
  • Character death of the year
  • Favorite title seemingly no one saw
  • The “I Just Do Not Get What People See In It” movie of the year
  • Loudest Movie Laugh of the Year
  • Shot of the Year
  • Needle Drop of the Year
  • Movie That Most Quickly Exited Your Memory 
  • Trash Lord of the Year (Most bad-good movie)
  • 2019 Movie Most Likely to Be Discussed Differently in 2029

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In the end, we give our Top 10 lists and bid the 2019 movies a fond farewell. Happy new year!

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